The Wall Between the Worlds – eBook


Mikhal knows Jake and Keira are hiding something, and it’s to do with the strange things happening in Cassidy Heights. When he discovers the secret he finds himself in a battle to restore the balance between the worlds, and to save Cassidy Heigh ts.


Mikhal knows his friends, Jake and Keira, are hiding something from him. He’s got his own problems, though – he’s failing pretty much everything at school, he just punched his best friend, and all he wants to do is play his guitar.
When Sharna Devon is assigned to tutor him, he can’t think of anything worse. Until his mum decides he needs to help out with her charity work. But soon he and Sharna are dragged into the mystery Jake and Keira are working so hard to conceal. Cari is still trapped between the worlds, and Cassidy Heights is in terrible danger. It seems this unlikely group of friends are the only hope that balance between the worlds can be restored.
It’s not going to be easy. What exactly does Mikhal’s music teacher know about Shar, the City of Silver Light? And can they stop the boundaries between the worlds eroding before it’s too late?
Download provided in both epub and kindle-epub format(as well as discontinued kindle-mobi format).