Asparagus Grass – eBook


Mitch Kuiper works for the Council pulling out asparagus grass – a tough spiky weed that conquers entire suburbs. Two quirky young women with incredible secrets lure Mitch into terrible peril– a galactic war, in which he is now a key player.

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Mitch Kuiper works in the parks for Newtown Council and the bane of his life is asparagus grass – a tough spiky weed that will conquer entire suburbs if not ripped out wherever it takes root.

Mitch is a man of simple tastes. He loves drinking beer and watching sport but, as the story opens, becomes involved with two quirky young women. Lisa is a permanent uni student engaged in some very arcane research. The other (Marty Mindshadow) has an even more mysterious secret and, as Mitch is drawn into their worlds, finds his head exploding with the enormity of the perils before him – a galactic war, in which he has suddenly become a key player.

How can a Sydney gardener save not just the Earth, but the galaxy that contains it?

A secret tale of pan-cosmic enormity.

‘Another imaginative Adrian Deans’ rollercoaster ride on an extra-terrestrial scale.’
Peter Goldsworthy AM (Maestro; Honk If You Are Jesus)

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