Shelley Davidow

Photograph of Shelley DavidowShelley is a well-established, award-winning author with 38 published novels, many in the genre of children’s and young adult fiction.

Ursula K Le Guin wrote of her novel Spirit of the Mountain in 2010: ‘A fine strong delicate story of a girl in mortal danger who brings herself to ask for help from powers she does not understand. Funny and agonisingly true.’

Shelley’s career took off in 1991 in South Africa when her young adult novel Freefalling won the Maskew Miller Longman Award. In 2003 In the Shadow of Inyangani was a nominee for the Macmillan African Writer’s Prize run by Picador/Macmillan/BBC World.

Shelley was born in South Africa, has lived on five continents and now lives in Queensland, Australia where she teaches high school English by day to support her writing habit by night.

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