Shaune Lafferty Webb

Photograph of Shaune Lafferty Webb

Shaune Lafferty Webb was born in Brisbane, Australia. Her father was an amateur astronomer and her eldest brother, an avid science fiction reader, so perhaps it was inevitable that she developed an early enthusiasm for writing speculative fiction.

After obtaining a degree in geology from the University of Queensland, Shaune subsequently worked in geochemical laboratories, exploration companies, and, while living in the United States, at a multinational scientific institute involved in exploration beneath the ocean floors.

Her short stories have appeared in AntipodeanSF, The Nautilus Engine, Blue Crow Magazine, and The Vandal and her novels, ‘Bus Stop on a Strange Loop’ and ‘Balanced in An Angel’s Eye’, were released by Winterbourne Publishing in 2011 and 2012, respectively.

Commencing in May 2015, ‘Cold Faith’, ‘Faithless’, and ‘The Unforgotten’, which together make up The Safe Harbour Chronicle series, were published by Hague Publishing.

‘Once a Dog’, an anthropomorphic novel, was released in May 2018 by Jaffa Books; the novel was nominated for the 2018 Ursa Major Award in the category of Best Novel and ultimately ranked first runner-up in the awards ceremony held at Columbus, Ohio, 26 May 2019.

Shaune lives in Brisbane with her husband, a research scientist, and when not writing, she is kept busy pandering to a pair of wayward canine companions.

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