Adrian Deans

A lawyer by day, ADRIAN DEANS has been writing seriously
since 1992 developing something of a reputation in the niche field
of offbeat crime. Making his debut in 2010, his first two books were
popular enough to make it into the airport bookstores.

In 2017, he expanded his range with the publication of The
Fighting Man – an historical novel reinterpreting the Bayeux Tapestry
and culminating with the Battle of Hastings. That book featured
also a subtle foray into “the hidden world” – the main romantic
interest being a druid, giving the story the ambience (if not the
reality) of magic.

Welcome to Ord City (2020) extended his range yet again but it is
Asparagus Grass in which Adrian finally gives full vent to his speculative
fiction soul.

In Adrian’s own words: “you might say everything I’ve done has
had an aspect of spec fiction to it. My first books were technically
crime, with a splash of surrealism here and there, but the trajectory
has always been towards spec fiction and sci-fi. If I were to describe
my style, I would say that I focus on the oddities and imperfections
that others seem to miss. I write about the extraordinary within the
ordinary, the strange illogicality of accepted norms and the life that
happens between the cracks.”

Adrian is an occasional contributor to Newswrite – the Writing
NSW magazine and blogs at The Book Hammer where he rants about
his various obsessions du jour, including books, films, theatre and
people in public life who really piss him off. He is also involved with
The Kones – a secret musical project, which he’s not allowed to talk

Published works
Mr Cleansheets, 2010, Vulgar Press (Melbourne)
Straight Jacket, 2013, High Horse Books (Melbourne)
Political Football: Lawrie McKinna’s Dangerous Truth, 2016, High
Horse Books (Melbourne)
The Fighting Man, 2017, High Horse Books (Melbourne)
Welcome to Ord City, 2020, Fighting Man Press (Sydney)

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Showing all 2 results